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Jumat, 19 Maret 2021

A World Arms Race, Towards Destruction or Peace?

By: Dede Farhan Aulawi (World Peace Activist)

Bregasnews.com - It is undeniable that the development of science and technology has taken a very significant leap. Especially after artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized in various fields. This includes the military field, which brings an increasingly sophisticated arms race with tremendous destructive power. It is possible that all have arguments to survive and defend themselves if there is an attack and war breaks out. Behind these arguments, the arms race is experiencing a tremendous acceleration. There are various types of weapons on display in military parades, and of course not all weapons are shown, especially for some types of ultimate secret weapons.

Some of them are shown as the weapons manufacturers' business strategies to attract and buy them by potential customers. Wars and parades of power are nothing more than cheap, even costly, business promotions. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it can also be seen as a strategy in overthrowing the psychology of combat or reducing the chances and probability of resistance. One and another supports each other, and also takes advantage.

The question then is, where is this world actually going? Are all the parades and propaganda of that power in the direction of a more peaceful world order? or rather increase the psychological tension and anxiety of humankind? In fact, all of this is not only for display, but is ready to be used whenever needed. Although the parameter "when needed" is very relative from one country to another, and more specifically it certainly depends on the leaders in each country.

The conception of placing a world order that is increasingly peaceful and prosperous, can't it be started with a joint commitment of all state leaders to stop various types of arms competitions? The world community actually has the right to know and know the road map for world peace that has been echoed so far. Is there a blueprint for a peaceful world order that has been mutually agreed upon and signed by all world leaders? Or don't - don't all just have a big picture that the world is full of concern, full of suspicion and ready to destroy and destroy one another.

Especially now that everyone knows, both academics and practitioners, that the peak of the arms race is leading to the creation of smart weapons and autonomous weapons, which are capable of selecting and attacking targets without human intervention. Besides, of course you cannot ignore the race for weapons of mass destruction such as the atomic or nuclear bomb. Can't all the leaders sit together, full of intimacy based on mutual trust to change the defense strategy into a peace strategy?

If these intelligent weapons are successfully created, can anyone guarantee that they will not fall into the wrong hands? Either in the hands of formal leaders or informal leaders who are out of control. Doesn't intelligence actually have to be balanced with psychological maturity in order to minimize the possibility of deviance and abuse? Isn't it much better if AI technology is used as much as possible for the prosperity of society and humanity, rather than just becoming a threat that is very worrying and can even destroy the world.

If all share the same commitment to a peaceful world order, then this race for smart and autonomous weapons must be prevented. Resources that are potentially destructive must be transformed into constructive resources. A large budget allocation for war must be replaced by a budget for public health and welfare. The doctrine of peace is not enough to be voiced by one or two countries, but must become a collective choir with a beautiful rhythm and harmony. The symphony of togetherness towards an increasingly peaceful world order must underlie every defense policy around the world.

Note : Contact to Mr. Dede Farhan Aulawi ( Indonesia ) : +62-878-2020-9550

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